Monday, October 15, 2012

What Would Paul Do?

Recently I've been hearing a stunning number of Christians "excommunicating" other Christians that contemplate voting for a political candidate other than the one the excommunicator supports. Of course one can wonder under whose authority they've been granted the power to judge other Christians, but the larger question might be "How do I respond to such breathtaking self-righteousness?"

About thirty years ago the religious right began the process of selling out to the GOP. I suppose they meant well, but somehow in the ensuing decades they've substituted legislation for witness, subcontracted missions to Congress, and brought political idolatry into the sanctuary. I hardly think Jesus is pleased. Somehow advocating for legislation or candidates rather than actually witnessing to someone about salvation has become their way of making a more righteous society.

The Apostle Paul was the original "family values" guy. His letters are full of instructions on how to live a holy life, and his means of accomplishing those values was to make more Christians, not laws. Maybe there's a lesson for us there.