Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slippery Slopes

If every single word of the bible isn’t literally, factually, and scientifically true, is God still God?

Is the point of the creation story how old the earth is, or that God created all things?

If stories like Adam and Eve or the Great Flood aren’t descriptions of actual, historical events, but rather allegories seeking to state clear spiritual truths, are they any less meaningful?

For inerrantists the bible becomes a trap, forcing them into incredible contortions of reason and bizarre rationalizations of totally unGodlike behaviors. Genocide, the death penalty for unruly children, stoning of adulterers, inerrantists have to develop complex and totally irrational theologies to explain away all kinds of things that a loving God would never do.

If, however, the bible is a book simply meant to be God’s means of helping man reconcile himself to Christ, an aid rather than an idol, then any questions that arise can draw us nearer to God. Jesus, after all was not referring to scripture when he said, “I am the Way”. The bible was never meant to be deified, Christ was. Reading the words of scientifically primitive writers was never meant to defy the truth of God’s creation in light of new information.

So relax, we have seen an explosion of knowledge in the last 100 years greater than the sum of all previously accumulated knowledge in the history of mankind and our faith still stands. So is the slippery slope really slippery, or even a slope?

Probably not.

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